10 Breakups on Friends that people wanted to see happen

Friends┬ámain characters hang out with a surprising number of other people. Ross marries a few of them). Some of these hurt the supporters’ hearts, particularly when two individuals desired different things. On the contrary, not everyone felt sad. Even though they (usually) end up with their lobsters in the end, it takes a lot of breakups to get there.

Rachel & Paolo

Even though Rachel liked it after breaking up with Barry, she began dating Paolo, who was an excellent rebound. However, no one wanted the relationship to last. Early on in the series, the majority of viewers wanted Ross and Rachel to get together, and it is evident that Paolo was against this getting n their route. Then, fans were outraged when he inappropriately grabbed Phoebe during a massage and found out that he was dating Rachel and were glad she broke up with him.

Roger & Phoebe

Roger was just a very bothersome person. End. He was briefly Phoebe’s boyfriend during the first season. Everyone in the group disliked him because he enjoyed “therapy-ing” them. Roger was sure that he was more intelligent than everyone else. He was always the most competent person in the room, but he didn’t know when to analyze people or not to. Ultimately, he gets angry that no one is “appreciating” his “insight,” and everyone is glad Phoebe gets rid of him.

Ross and Emily are in a relationship.

Even though Emily was great, it was clear from the show that people should dislike her. Even though she gets better over time, she is rude and angry when she first goes on display. She is not a good person because of this. When you add how quickly she wanted to get married to Ross, how jealous she was of Ross’s relationship with Rachel, and how everyone knew that Ross and Rachel were the endgames, it was clear that everyone was waiting for another Geller divorce.

Ross and Elizabeth Ross and Elizabeth Ross and Elizabeth Ross and Elizabeth

Ross tries to go out with one of his students during season six, but he still can’t find the right one. From the start, this relationship was terrible, and Ross’s job could have been at risk (and for a good reason).

Joey and Charlie

As soon as this one started, fans were ready for it to end. Because Joey and Charlie looked so cute, they didn’t do anything together. Charlie went out with Joey because she was tired of dating intelligent people, and Joey went out with Charlie because she was pretty. Ross liked Charlie even though they were very different from each other. Fans knew they would break up in Barbados, so they were happy when it finally happened.

Ross and Monica

Ross started dating a great woman who was the right age for him and understood him. He was taking his time to get to know the relationship. Fans still desired it to end because they believed Mona deserved more. More. She started dating Ross around the time Ross’s wife, Rachel, found out she was pregnant with Ross’s child, and Ross was very rude to her. He didn’t tell her everything that was going on in his life. He couldn’t remember that they had plans. Rachel was having Braxton-Hicks contractions, so Ross cancelled their date, but he didn’t tell her that Rachel had moved in (or ask her how she felt about it before making it official). He went crazy when she tried to send Christmas cards (even though he would usually have proposed by that point).

Rachel & Ross

People wanted Rachel and Ross to stop dating because they thought it was funny that they were dating. Rachel dated Ross after breaking up with Ross, but she didn’t marry him because she knew Ross and Ross were the same.

Monica Burke and Tim Burke

Monica might have been happy with Timothy as her boyfriend even though he was Richard’s son. And it was weird to think that Richard’s son would date Monica. Because of how meaningful her relationship with Richard was to the show and her life, He didn’t know it was right to date Timothy. In addition, she was uncertain about what would transpire if she and Timothy began dating. Ultimately, she couldn’t do it alone, especially after Timothy brought up Richard. Even so, everyone was glad it was over.

Rachel and Joey

Due to Rachel’s history with Ross and the intricate love triangle (or square, if you prefer) between her, Joey, Ross, and Charlie, Rachel’s relationship with Charlie is strained. Fans detested this pairing more than any other on the show. It seemed like a lazy way to write to put Joey and Rachel together, and it was often awkward. The friendship never felt like it was going anywhere. And there was no chemistry between them. So it made sense that they broke up.

Ross & Julie

Even though Julie was friendly and might have been better for Ross than Rachel, the show’s first few seasons focused on Ross and Rachel, and admirers continued to wish for her relationship to fail. During the first season, it was a significant event for Rachel and Ross to discover that Ross liked her and that Rachel wanted Ross back. At that point, everyone thought that they would get together. But when Ross got off the plane with Julie, it broke my heart. From then on, people wanted her and Ross to break up no matter how great Julie was.

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