10 Things in The Big Bang Theory That Made Us Wonder

During its 12 seasons, The Big Bang Theory was ratings and a cultural powerhouse. “The Big Bang Theory” was mainly about a group of scientists. Who likes to think and whose lives have been turned upside down. When Penny, a pretty waitress who lived across the hall, moved in. It is sometimes compared to “Friends” and “The I.T. Crowd,” both well-known sitcoms.

“The Big Bang Theory” was praised for bringing hidden parts of geek culture to the mainstream and making brilliant characters the story’s main focus instead of using them as “tech support” sidekicks, as is common in many movies and T.V. shows. Due to its popularity and reputation for “nerd chic” humour, “The Big Bang Theory” had several well-known scientists as guest stars.

How can Penny pay for her place?


In the first episode of The massive Bang Theory, Penny (Kaley Cuoco) moves in with Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon (Bradley Cooper) (Jim Parsons). We find that Penny works as a waitress at a local cheesecake factory while she tries to become an actress, which is her dream. In one of their conversations about their roommates, Sheldon tells Leonard, “Frankly, if I could afford to live here myself, I would.”It prices plenty to hire a condo from them.

In one of their conversations about their roommates, Sheldon tells Leonard, “Frankly, if I could afford to live here myself, I would.”It prices plenty to hire a condo from them.

Howard mainly was a bad guy.

In case you commenced watching “The huge Bang principle” after Howard (Simon Helberg) got married to Bernadette (Melissa Rauch), you might not realize how strange Howard was before he found love. Early on, Howard’s behavior was much like that of a predator, and Penny was often the unlucky target of his unwanted attentions.

Penny says, “No, not since I found out the teddy bear you gave me had a webcam inside.” Still, it wasn’t the first time that Howard had tried to use technology against a woman’s will. He and Raj (Kunal Nayyar) went to great lengths to find the mansion where the models stayed on “America’s Next Top Model.” They even used a government satellite without permission.

Raj was picked on and teased because of his culture and everything else.


On “The Big Bang Theory,” stereotypes were often the subject of jokes. Raj, played by Kunal Nayyar, was usually made fun of because he was Indian and the only main character on the show who wasn’t white. People have made jokes about Raj over the years, saying that he comes from a poor, overpopulated country where people believe that animals have magical powers and Hindu gods are called “blue chicks with a hundred arms.”

After the show turned over, there was no way for Raj to be saved. As the series ended, he was the only main character who didn’t have a special someone. That was because his love life was full of heartbreak. He also became much more financially dependent on his parents, replacing Sheldon as the man-child who couldn’t act like an adult.

Leonard was constantly put down by Penny.


Before Jim Parsons became the show’s star, Sheldon, “The Big Bang Theory” was mostly about how hard Leonard Hofstadter tried to date Penny. Leonard and Penny get married and move in together in the end, ending a long series of false starts. But that wasn’t the happy ending the fans had hoped for.

Fans first noticed that Penny hated Leonard soon after she and Leonard got married. She played down his achievements and made fun of his relationship with his mother. She additionally made amusing of him a lot in business. When Penny and Raj talk about how Howard always says mean things. About Raj, he points out that Penny does the same thing with Leonard, and they have the same opinion.

Treating women like aliens


Amy and Bernadette’s inclusion in “The Big Bang Theory’s” main cast in later seasons provided us with strong female characters and plots. The show’s early seasons primarily portrayed women as the mysterious “other,” almost as aliens, which only emphasizes this point.

The central premise of the sitcom was the social awkwardness of the four main male characters, particularly women. When around women, Howard exhibits a creepy sexual disposition. Raj cannot communicate with them without becoming intoxicated. Sheldon has no interest in sharing. In addition, Leonard, the most “normal” member of the gang, is incapable of approaching Penny or any other attractive woman due to a severe inferiority complex.

Regarding less educated people with contempt


The Big Bang Theory’s four men are wise. Howard’s M.I.T. master’s degree often draws Sheldon’s jeers. The other three are much harsher when less qualified people make fun of Howard’s lack of a Ph.D. Penny and Leonard often argue about her intelligence. Leonard agrees; he was perplexed when Penny suggested she had caught up to him by attending community college.

Sheldon mocks those who aren’t as intelligent or well-educated as him. He’s known for insulting Penny’s intelligence and lack of education and dismissing other interests. Who can forget Sheldon and Amy’s (Mayim Bialik) argument over why his theoretical physicist job was more important than her neurobiologist job? Or when Sheldon said, “I kid the geologists, but that’s because I have no respect for the discipline.”

Making fun of Howard’s mother


Howard’s mother was a significant character in the show’s early seasons, but we never met her. Due to her size and dysfunctional relationship with Howard, she was a frequent punchline. Howard was the first to joke about his mother to his friends. Ever met my mom? My mom will go on a hunger strike if I don’t back out. She’s safe for years.” Howard called his mother a “crazy lady,” made fun of her appearance, and lamented living with her.

As time passed, the other characters joined in on the fun by making fun of Howard’s mom’s voice and appearance. Parents of no one else have ever gone through anything like this. Also, Mrs. Wolowitz is usually proven to be a worrying man, or woman Howard takes advantage of. She didn’t deserve to be made fun of repeatedly because of her size, voice, and health problems.

Penny talked to the guys.


Penny was the lone voice of reason in a sea of awkward, antisocial geeks. The wise, good-natured simpleton encouraged geeks to open up to the world. Penny’s friendship with the men is much different. Penny knows how her looks affect Leonard, Raj, and Howard, and she uses this knowledge. She eats the men’s meal without contributing. She uses their Wi-Fi and brains for technical work. Worse, she made Leonard go to her ex-house boyfriend’s to pick up her belongings after meeting him.

Penny knows she acts manipulatively because she feels uncomfortable when a new beautiful woman moves into their building and starts using the men as she does. In later seasons, It became additionally shown that Penny used to pick on other students, which shows that she learned early on to put herself above others.

Sheldon is the worst of the worst.


A less talented actor would have made Sheldon Cooper intolerable. Jim Parsons’ acting talent made viewers love Sheldon instead of seeing him as a horrible person. Sheldon has always been petty, selfish, vengeful, unjust, and heartless.

When Sheldon acts like a tool, the program shows that he’s ignorant, not malicious. This defense only works if Sheldon doesn’t mind being mistreated. In these situations, Sheldon always gets angry. Sheldon knows morality. Until he was criticized for his dismissive attitude toward most humans, except his closest friends and family, he was unaware of any offense he might cause to others.

Leonard’s mother hurts him emotionally.


Leonard Hofstadter became a tragic fictional character over time. He gave Sheldon control of their living situation. She was even doing chores for Sheldon. She refused to love Leonard, doubted everything he did, and dismissed his achievements. Leonard’s mother experimented on him, too. Young published his psychological results.

All of this had a devastating effect on Leonard’s psyche. Beverly’s continued disregard for Leonard’s emotions only exacerbates the situation. She frequently portrays Leonard as excessively sentimental and herself as the ideal mother. Even though Leonard and Beverly come to an understanding. Leonard’s transformation into a human doormat most likely caused irreparable damage.

A bad example of geek culture.


The Big Bang Theory was a famous example. This popularised geek culture was an inadequate representation. True, the program is full of geek culture references. These aspects’ exploration was dubious. This mature men’s “geekiness” is often the punchline of a joke. Consider this episode’s joke. “A ‘Game of Thrones’-inspired deathmatch decided the fate of Doctor Who’s Tardis.” The mark ends with sci-fi and fantasy references. Finished.

Too often, the joke was “look at how obsessed these man-children were with something meant for kids, like comics, action figures, or cosplay,” instead of building up a reference to a part of geek culture and then using that reference to make something funny.

Using real problems to make funny jokes


Several “Big Bang Theory” characters have modeled traits. The program rarely mentions medical conditions after they occur. Sheldon’s behavior drew comparisons to autism. The show’s creators deny the character is autistic. Raj has “selected mutism” from His mother’s upbringing.

“Big Bang” is a comedy. The characters’ illnesses or symptoms. These conditions were usually jokes. Illustrating how their illnesses affect them could have given the characters more depth—sobbed like Raj. Because he thought he was “unlovable,” More such scenes were needed. Life can be challenging for people with these issues.

Bernadette is pretty bad, too.


Sheldon. Because he was honest and lacked artifice, Sheldon admitted he was terrible. Bernadette, however, is a tough competitor (Melissa Rauch). Deceptively sly bully. Most douchey. Babysitting experience. Bernadette disdains children. She warns the kids to be quiet and stops giving them cookies. Noncompliance. Bernie and Howard had to entertain the kids. It shows Bernie’s bullying once. Everyone thought she personified sweetness and fun.

Bernadette’s bathroom. Later, Bernie’s intimidating nature affects her personal life. Even Penny avoids accidentally upsetting Bernadette. Bernadette’s vindictiveness became apparent in her professional life.

The men in the stories should be in jail more than once.


It emphasized the male characters’ knowledge and skill, especially Sheldon’s. Someone’s intelligence doesn’t guarantee success. Good work doesn’t ensure morals. Some of Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, and Howard’s work-related actions deserve jail time. Leonard almost gave a North Korean spy state secrets for her bed. Or when Leonard, Raj, and Howard experimented with rocket fuel in public. So, their elevator exploded.

Then there was the incident in which Howard crashed the Mars Rover while attempting to woo an unidentified bar patron. Not to mention when Sheldon and Leonard tried to acquire liquid helium from a questionable source. You have to wonder how the gentlemen have avoided jail time and kept their jobs for so long. Genuineness was damned. That makes me wonder how Penny, in her precarious situation, can pay for her apartment without a roommate.

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