17 pictures show how much Kaley Cuoco has changed since “8 Simple Rules.”

Kaley Cuoco got her start as a child actress. She was just ten years old and played Karin Carter in the action thriller Virtuosity, which came out in 1995. Her most famous role was Penny on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Kaley is now a successful actress who has won many awards and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We thought that going would be fun for a walk today trip down memory lane and see how much the 34-year-old star has changed since her significant break-out role on 8 Simple Rules. If you keep scrolling, you’ll see Kaley wearing some classic early 2000s clothes, dating a few hot guys, and growing into a beautiful, intelligent woman who is undoubtedly an inspiration to all of us.

17. This picture from 2003 shows Kaley wearing the classic Von Dutch hat.

Kaley-Cuoco-Wears-a-Trucker-Hat-in-2003-scaled.jpg (640×948)

16. Here is 19-year-old Kaley with her cute dog, Petie.


15. Kaley joined the cast of Charmed in 2005.

cuoco25.jpg (640×427)

14. By 2006, Kaley went to events with many famous people.

678dfc16e394d2f45e73497693622424.jpg (640×1265)

13. Here is Kaley on “The Big Bang Theory” in 2007

9b64e1f99d670ea5b30fa27ea6427cce.jpg (634×946)

12. A year later, she was seeing her co-star Johnny Galecki.

84cbe23f67dc113ebe22dd26ae671d96.jpg (700×502)

11. In 2009, Kaley wore cute glasses to an NBA game.

a223637f2e4548af3ea1ad4372d90bcc--girls-with-glasses-kaley-cuoco.jpg (500×641)

10. Here’s the actress who gave a speech at the American Country Awards in 2010.

American+Country+Awards+2010+Show+0aqXFAjpuTqx.jpg (640×823)

9. In 2011, Kaley Cuoco dated musician Christopher French

christopher-french-kaley-cuoco.jpg (640×924)

8. She is in 2012 with Ashton Kutcher at an NBA game.

201906191560913736201.jpg (640×468)

7. In 2013, the actress went out with tennis player Ryan Sweeting.

photo.jpg (640×480)

6. In 2014, she went to the Golden Globes, held annually.

106 (1200×1654)

5. By 2015, everyone called Kaley “the queen of working out.”

Hottest-Kaley-Cuoco-11.jpg (640×960)

4. Kaley began dating her future husband, Karl Cook, in 2016.

Kaley Cuoco comprometida-a.jpg (640×640)

3. In 2018, Kaley shared many cute outfit photos on Instagram.

kaley-cuoco-odlr-globes-goreski-1614580219-809x900-1.jpg (640×712)

2. In addition, the actress married Karl Cook.

d85d9a52-fdd1-47bb-8e2b-9b9d20923bdb (1550×1550)

1. Finally, here’s Kaley Kicking Off 2020, Right


Kaley-Cuoco.jpeg (640×640)

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