9 famous hairstyles that fans loved on Jennifer Aniston.

Since Friends, when she did “The Rachel” with her hair, Jennifer Aniston has been a style leader. She usually wears shorts and has beachy waves in her hair. She also sometimes wears a ponytail. In honour of her most recent Emmy nomination for The Morning Show, let’s see how Aniston’s beautiful hair has changed over time. Look at the pictures below to see Jennifer Aniston’s hair in different styles.

In 1997

Jennifer Aniston‘s hairstyles on the red carpet are always simple. This look is to die for with its cute half-up-do, natural waves, and glasses. Instead, she always wears simple but classy clothes.

In 1998

It must be one of the best hairstyles Jennifer Aniston has tried. The rest of her hair is in a half ponytail clipped up. Someone must have bent the waves with their fingers.

In 2001

Jennifer Aniston gave the classic French bob a twist that was all her own. In this picture, I love that she doesn’t have bangs. The side part brings out the best interests on her face.

In 2002

For her role in Friends, Jennifer Aniston won the Emmy for Lead Actress in a Comedy Role in 2002. She had already been nominated for Best Supporting Actress twice.

In 2005

I think that side-swept bangs are the best kind of bangs. They look good on everyone’s face, hide big cheeks, and make your best features stand out. This hairstyle looks even better because it has loose waves and no make-up.

In 2008


Around this time, Aniston became the unofficial blonde highlight goal, the golden girl.

In 2014

Jennifer Aniston’s trademark hairstyle is long layers, so we never get tired of looking at them. Instead, they remind us how perfect her current cut is.

In 2016

Jennifer’s messy hair is the best. The messy ponytail is perfect, and it brings out her cheekbones. Long bangs swept to the side, covered her face and drew attention to her features.

In 2019

It’s all about how you frame the face! It makes broad faces look thinner, short faces look longer, and vice versa. Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyles have layers that are frosted and highlighted. You can make your jawline look slimmer with soft highlights and frosted layers in front. They also add a little colour to Jen’s blonde, layered hairstyle

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