9 Least Competent Characters On The Big Bang Theory

The characters on The Big Bang Theory are known for being smart. That doesn’t mean they are all competent. From a person’s level of common sense to their emotional competence and how that affects their everyday actions.

9. George Cooper Jr.

George brings to the table the fact that he is very physically capable. He even started his own business where he runs the floor very well.

8. Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Cooper is a great friend, a quick-witted theoretical physicist, and the main character in The Big Bang theory. He has many flaws that can affect his work.

7. Stuart Bloom

Stuart Bloom is faithful and caring. He has to deal with health issues and money problems. But compared to the other characters, Stuart isn’t very good. He has done it more than once, showing that he has no business sense.

6. Bert Kibbler

Bert is an absolute expert on geology. When the Big Bang crew needs help with a rock-related issue, they go to him. He also has a great sense of humour, which is often overlooked and has helped the university where he works a lot.

5. Penny

Penny is one of the most interesting characters to study in terms of competence. When she first joins the show, she is a struggling actress and waitress who can’t seem to find her way in life and has trouble understanding what the others are talking about.

4. Larry Fowler

Larry Fowler, Amy’s dad, doesn’t show up too often on the show, but he’s become a fairly consistent recurring character. He’s very quiet and doesn’t say much. His wife usually dominates his thoughts and actions, which is embarrassing for Amy.

3. Beverly Hofstadter

Beverly Hofstadter is an incredibly smart and successful psychologist. Her books are best-sellers, and millions of people have followed her advice. She seems to be very good at what she does. but can she do well at anything else outside of work?

2. Zack Johnson

Penny’s ex-boyfriend Zack Johnson makes a million dollars. He isn’t smart enough, though, to have made that money on purpose. He’s actually one of the dumbest people on the show. He takes everything literally and doesn’t seem to be able to understand anything.

1. Mary Cooper

Mary Cooper has more emotional intelligence than anyone else in the show. Guided by God, she is fair and stern, but completely warming and wholesome as well. She can take on any challenge and will do her best to complete it. But she doesn’t have Sheldon’s skillset.

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