Amy and Sheldon Showed They Were Couple Goals 9 Times

Amy and Sheldon were perfect for each other when they met, and they spent the rest of their time together proving it.

Even though Sheldon was a little strange on The Big Bang Theory, he found love with Amy Farrah Fowler thanks to Howard and Raj. Sheldon’s lack of commitment was sometimes problematic for Amy to deal with on the show; They were the only individuals who knew each other well, as they were both brilliant and science enthusiasts.

Some fans might not be able to relate to Sheldon and Amy’s intelligence, but they can tell parts of their relationship that they would like to see in their own, like being the first person each one goes to for comfort or advice.

Sheldon and Amy got along right away from the first time they met.

Fans didn’t know what to expect when Sheldon and Amy first met, but when they heard their first conversation; they were just as surprised as Howard and Raj that they got along so well. Fans could tell from how Amy talked that Sheldon had found a woman who was a lot like him.

When Amy and Sheldon were sad, they helped each other feel better.

Amy comforted Sheldon when he told her he was sad that he couldn’t understand how other people felt. This must have been very hard for Sheldon to admit, but he knew he could trust Amy, and she knew that he needed comfort and gave it to him (proving, once again, why they were so compatible).

Amy is the first person Sheldon goes to when he needs help.

She told him that he could be awful to be around when he was sick. Amy knew that Sheldon needed to hear this, even though it didn’t make him happy. Couples should go to each other for advice on a lot of things. It’s also essential to know your partner well enough to tell them what they need to hear and be honest with them.

Being awarded the Nobel Prize

Sheldon and Amy both liked science and respected each other’s fields. In one of their best episodes, they also won a Nobel prize. To reach their goal, they had to work together, talk about their frustrations, solve problems as a team, and finally share in the success of their hard work.

Amy’s Care by Sheldon

Sheldon is very afraid of germs, so it took a lot for him to rub her chest and be involved in her recovery. But he cared for her even though he hated and feared germs. Even though he didn’t realize it, it showed that he could be just as caring and nurturing as Amy. It also showed that his love for her was just as deep as Amy’s love for him. It made it more apparent that this was a partnership between equals.

Amy is acting like she doesn’t care about the Xbox vs. PS4 argument.

When Sheldon said he didn’t think she was taking the debate seriously, Amy apologized, made overly dramatic faces, and agreed with everything Sheldon said. She wanted the butter, but she knew the debate was important to him. So, even though she wasn’t interested, she spent time making it look like she was.

Not Taking The Nobel Prize Without Amy

Even though Sheldon wanted to win the prize, it was clear that he cared more about her. Sheldon put his most significant and most-wanted achievement at risk so that Amy’s work would be valued and noticed. Anyone in a relationship would be forever grateful if their partner did this.

When Sheldon did something nice for Amy

Sheldon knew how much Amy would like a home-cooked meal for her birthday party, based on the book Little House on the Prairie, so she decided to cook an authentic meal inspired by the book. This was definitely out of Sheldon’s comfort zone, and anyone would appreciate his effort for Amy’s birthday.

When Sheldon saw Amy wearing her wedding dress

Choosing what to wear to your wedding is probably one of the most stressful things you’ll ever have to do. When she, Penny, and Bernadette went shopping for a wedding dress, Amy wasn’t sure about her choice. But everything changed when Sheldon came into the apartment for the first time and saw her.

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