Better Call Saul The actor of Lalo talks about his favourite scene.

Tony Dalton, who plays cartel boss Lalo Salamanca, a.k.a. Don Eduardo, on Better Call Saul, picks his favourite scene with his character. After he and Ignacio were mentioned in the Breaking Bad episode “Better Call Saul.” Lalo was introduced in season 4 of Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan’s prequel series. Lalo is part of the Salamanca family. He is Hector’s nephew, and Tuco, Marco, Leonel, and Joaquin are his cousins. His family is usually cruel (if not always unpredictable), but Lao is sneaky and charming. Which makes him even more dangerous.

Lalo Salamanca has become one of the scariest bad guys in the whole Better Call Saul series. After the attack on his compound in season 5 of Better Call Saul, the sixth. And final season of the spin-off began with Lalo faking his death to get Don Eladio to find out about Gustavo Fring. In the mid-season finale, “Point & Shoot,” Lalo killed Howard Hamlin and then told his lawyer friends Jimmy and Kim to go kill Gus. This was all a trick to get Mike Ehrmantraut, Gus’ head of security, to leave their laundry mat/meth lab unguarded. When they see each other at a construction site. Lalo makes a massive mistake with Gus, which ends Dalton’s time on Better Call Saul.

Dalton told DiscussingFilm that picking one Lalo scene as his favourite from Better Call Saul is as if you asked him to pick his favourite child, “like saying which movie you like best. There are different times.” But “when you’re just quiet, chewing, and looking at someone,” those times stick with him. Dalton said that if he had to choose just one scene, it would be from season 5, episode 9, “Bad Choice Road.” Here’s the whole quote:

The scene in Better Call Saul happens after Jimmy McGill officially joins the cartel. Drives out into the desert to get Lalo’s $7 million bail bond. And gets caught up in a shootout before Mike saves him. Lalo thinks Jimmy is lying about what happened in the desert. So he makes Jimmy tell the story all over again when he gets home. At the end of the story, Lalo tells Jimmy, “Tell me again.” Even though we know Jimmy/Saul will get through Lalo. The scene is one of the tensest in the series because of how Dalton and Odenkirk play their parts.

Better Call Saul has a lot of scenes that helped make Lalo a fan favourite. And Dalton’s “favourite” location is one of them. In hindsight, putting him in the series was a perfect choice that changed the actor’s career. After acting in Spanish dramas and on Spanish TV (Hector watches one of his shows in an early episode of Breaking Bad). Dalton is now in high demand as an actor in Hollywood because of Better Call Saul. Last year, he made his MCU debut on Marvel’s Hawkeye as the Swordsman, Jack Duquesne.

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