Bob Odenkirk says that the last few episodes of Better Call Saul will have significant changes.

Bob Odenkirk plays in Better Call Saul and talks about significant changes to his character before the show ends. Better Call Saul’s last season has undergone significant changes, and there are only a few more episodes left before the show ends. The show’s writers have already tied several loose ends. They have put a lot to essential characters, given others a bloody end, and answered one of the most critical questions about the prequel.

It also shows how Jimmy McGill, played by Bob Odenkirk, finally turns into Saul Goodman and never looks back. The two things do, of course, go together. After Kim decides to leave Jimmy because she finally realizes that they aren’t good for each other, Jimmy becomes Saul Goodman, a skilled but immoral defense attorney who is good at fooling people. But because Better Call Saul has to deal with a black-and-white period after Breaking Bad, Jimmy’s journey isn’t over yet.

In an interview with Deadline, Odenkirk talked about what fans of Better Call Saul can expect from the last few episodes. Even though the actor mainly talks about how Jimmy and Saul are different, he ends by saying that Jimmy will win. “He’s facing the demons inside of him in the last four episodes of the season,” says Odenkirk. Here is the complete quote.

In season 6, episode 11, called “Breaking Bad,” Jimmy is still trying to get money by pretending to be a Cinnabon worker named Gene Takovic. These comments hint at a possibly significant change in the last two episodes of the spinoff. It’s possible that Jimmy’s story could still end well. Or maybe it’s not a good thing that Jimmy has to face those demons. There are many of them, especially what happened to Chuck and Howard. And he might be unable to deal with it.

This is another thing that we don’t know about the spinoff. Will the show’s writers decide that Jimmy can change, or will he die like Walter White? Different theories and hints about Better Call Saul point in different directions. And people tend to go with the one they like best. But if Odenkirk’s latest comments show anything, it’s still hard to guess. What will occur in the final few episodes of a great TV show. That has always been a surprising strength of Better Call Saul.

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