David Schwimmer didn’t like working with Marcel.

David Schwimmer‘s strange dislike of a cast member was shown throughout the Friends series, which fans still binge-watch and watch to feel nostalgic. It was done in a way that made palaeontologist Ross Geller, played by an actor, feel bad.

The cute Monkey played Ross’s pet, Marcel, on the TV show. Ross got Marcel after his divorce from Carol, who David Schwimmer didn’t get along with very well.

David found it hard to work with the Monkey because he had to be precise and do things at the right time. But as things went on, we all carefully practised what would happen.

In 1995, David Schwimmer told EW, “I hate the monkey, and its trainers won’t let me get close to it.” They have an extreme need to own things. It’s like saying, “Get there on time, do your job, and don’t touch or get close to the monkey.” It’s too bad.”

When he was on Friends: The Reunion, he told everyone about this. “Her hands were dirty all over.

In the end, it was time for Marcel to leave. But Moris, the coach of the Monkeys, talked about it, so Katie had someone to defend her. The trainer said that Schwimmers was angry because he was jealous.

At first, he was nice to her, but then he started making her laugh a lot, which either confused him or made him feel jealous. Morris also asked the actor to stop talking about Monkey, who had cancer.

Any other cast members did not dispute Katie’s claims before she died. Matt LeBlanc said in an interview, “I did like the Monkey. I’m a big animal lover. Even so, David (Schwimmer) no cares about her a lot. He was the one who had to talk to the Monkey all the time. He didn’t feel scared, so why did he keep running into the Monkey? But I got along well with him.

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