Did you know? China has banned LGBT stories in Friends.

Friends are one of the most popular TV shows of all time. Over ten years, millions of people followed the adventures, relationships, and problems of a group of six friends in New York.
The first episode of the show aired on September 22, 1994. On September 22, 2022, the show will have been on the air for 28 years.

No one will be surprised, it will be said. True, but even in 2022, cult shows like Friends still have to have their content cut down for reasons that make no sense.

Fans of the TV comedy “Friends” in China complained about censorship after finding changes in a version of the show that was recently shown in mainland China. For example, an LGBTQ subplot was cut from the front.

What happened?

On Friday, episodes of the popular show started to be shown on Tencent, Youku, and Bilibili, all Chinese streaming services. It was made about thirty years ago, so it is hard for people worldwide not to know about it. Still, the viewers soon saw that something wasn’t right.

We’re not talking about a joke or a short skit. Because this is one of the main plot lines of the show. Details like the fact that Ross’s ex-wife was a lesbian, which has been hidden in China, are just one example.
In another scene, Joey tells a character to go to a strip club. But the character says, “Just go have fun” instead.

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