Explained: Why Alicia Fox Never Became A WWE Superstar

Alicia Fox worked for WWE for thirteen years, but she never rose to prominence.

Countless wrestlers have come and gone in WWE over the years without ever breaking through as a star. In fact, this is the most likely scenario for the vast majority of professional wrestlers, as establishing oneself as the best of the best is extremely difficult, particularly in the world’s largest promotion, WWE. Alicia Fox is an example of someone who never became a WWE star despite having a long run in the company, with her run lasting around 13 years, making it surprising that she didn’t make a big impact in all that time.

Alicia Fox began her WWE career during the Terrible Divas era.

Fox made her onscreen debut in 2008, as the wedding planner for Edge and Vickie Guerrero, but her first televised match didn’t come until 2009, on WWE’s awful version of ECW. During this era of women’s wrestling, female superstars were at the bottom of WWE’s priority list, with the hugely problematic, contentious, and backwards “Divas Division” and Fox joining the roster as a Diva.

With only a few minutes to perform here and there, and matches that were short and uninspiring, the women of WWE had very little time to hone their craft and learn how to properly perform in front of a live audience. This was the worst environment for aspiring performers like Fox to hone their craft. Fox performed admirably considering she had no prior experience prior to joining WWE and was able to blend in with the division after a short time. A year later, she won the Divas Championship at the Fatal 4 Way PPV. This could point to a promising future for her.

Despite Alicia Fox’s talent and charisma, WWE never committed to pushing her.

Unfortunately for Fox, WWE had committed to promoting very few Divas at the time, with more emphasis placed elsewhere. This was demonstrated by the fact that her title reign lasted only a month, and this was her only title reign in WWE (aside from the 24/7 Championship several years later). This was unfortunate because Fox brought something unique to the table. She didn’t have a traditional in-ring style, which worked well and made her stand out.

Fox has also shown a lot of charisma over the years, which has often allowed her to shine. And break out of the boring and cliché Divas division. Her deranged and insane persona began to emerge in 2014, the first time WWE had done anything significant with her in a long time. Fox put everything she had into her performances in this role, where she would scold announcers, trash the ringside area, and throw tantrums, and the audience loved it. It even got her a Divas Title match on PPV, though she fell short, dropping her back down the card. During Nikki Bella’s Divas in 2015, she would team up with the Bella Twins.

Alicia Fox was pushed to the back of the line by the Women’s Revolution.

At the same time that Fox was becoming more prominent in storylines, WWE began to focus more on women’s wrestling with the “Women’s Revolution,” prompting the call-ups of several NXT superstars who, with all due respect to Fox, completely outshone her. From there, Fox faded into obscurity as new wrestlers with more time, training, and exposure stepped into the spotlight.

Fox had a few minor feuds here and there, but she was mostly on the losing end. Being used to put down other performers. For Fox, her lack of success in WWE stemmed from her arrival at a bad time for women’s wrestling. WWE failing to push or commit to almost every name who came through the door. When her fortunes began to turn, it was all due to bad timing. As it was the start of a brand-new era in which new stars were given the spotlight. Fox becoming a background member of the roster, and mostly glorified enhancement talent. Whenever Fox makes an appearance, she performs well in her role and receives positive feedback, which attests to her talent.

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