Fans of Better Call Saul are happy that Kim met an essential character from Breaking Bad.

Fans of Better Call Saul are happy about the penultimate episode of the prequel, called “Waterworks,” in which Kim Wexler meets Jesse Pinkman. After missing the last two episodes, mainly in the black-and-white Gene timeline except for a few scenes with Walter and Jesse from Breaking Bad and ended with the return of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, Kim is back in this episode. Jimmy calls Kim in the last episode because he heard she asked about him. We only see Jimmy’s side of the conversation, so we don’t know what they talked about.

Kim’s life after she left Jimmy in season 6, episode 9 was shown in this episode. It showed that she now lives with her boyfriend in Titusville, Florida, and works at a sprinkler company. It also showed her side of the phone call she had with Jimmy. She wanted him to turn himself in, which made him yell at her and dare her to tell Howard what they did. But the episode also showed a scene of Kim in the Breaking Bad timeline. She went to Jimmy/newly Saul’s remodelled law office to sign the divorce papers, and later, outside, a pivotal character from the first show came back.

In the most recent episode of Better Call Saul, after Kim signs the divorce papers and Saul’s rude and cold response, she goes outside to smoke a cigarette in the pouring rain. She meets Jesse Pinkman for the first time, and they share a cigarette. In the scene, Jesse recognises her when she is defending another Breaking Bad character, Combo, and asks her if Saul is a good lawyer based on his over-the-top commercials. Kim says that she knew him when he was still around. The scene was well-written fan service, and fans were quick to share their happiness on social media.

Even though the characters from the two shows have met before, this feels like a clash of two worlds because Kim and Jesse have similar paths and character arcs. Kim has just been through some very traumatic things. And she realises she needs to get out of this life while she still has a chance. On the other hand, Jesse hasn’t started doing the bad things that will destroy his life.

The last episode of Better Call Saul will air next week. And fans can’t wait to see what happens at the end. Cranston said that Walt and Jesse’s return would be split into three scenes: one with both, one with just Jesse. And one with just Walt. So, viewers may have seen the last of Jesse in this world, but they haven’t seen the last of Walter White yet. Next week will be the show’s final episode. So it will be interesting to see how that will be used and how it will connect to Jimmy’s life and end.

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