Friends: 10 Facts About Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow’s Relationship

The comedy Friends immediately became a classic. The sitcom made Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, and the rest of the cast stars and forged lasting friendships. The show’s humour, relatability, and enduring friendships made it a fan favourite for ten years and continue to do so now.

Rachel and Phoebe were the final friends to meet but soon became besties. Same for Aniston and Kudrow. Whether making one other laugh on Set, taking trips together, or just being a phone call away, these two transformed from coworkers to wonderful friends.

1. On Each Other’s Instagram

After nearly 20 years since Friend’s final episode, Aniston and Kudrow are still Instagram friends. From birthday posts to enjoyable nights out, they show followers their meets.

Pre-pandemic, Aniston uploaded a photo with Kudrow and Cox stating, “Hi from the girls across the hall,” referring to their sitcom housemates. Kudrow has uploaded images of her and Aniston “Joy. Bliss.” The two have a very public friendship.

2. They’re 28-year pals.

These friends meant “I’ll be there” When they were cast as BFFs in 1994, they met. On Friends, they had some of the most authentic moments of friendship, and they have one in real life too.

After 30 years, Kudrow and Aniston still hang out and post about each other. Two share a special bond. For Kudrow’s birthday, Aniston posted a photo of them laughing and wrote, “Making me laugh THIS hard since day 1… Love you.”

3. Courtney Cox is in a group chat.

Aniston and Kudrow don’t hang out alone. According to US Weekly, they group chat to keep connected. Their Friends co-star Courteney Cox is also a pal.

While Cox joked that the SMS chain was too stressful, the three still use it to keep each other updated. Kudrow said that she knows Aniston is only text messages away, proving they still care for each other.

4. On Set, they ate lunch every day.

This friendship grew over time. They ate lunch daily on Set for ten years, which helped create the relationship. They always ate the same supper.

Kudrow and Cox ate the same Cobb salad as Aniston every day. A Los Angeles Times article says Cox says that became known as the “Jennifer salad,” but it wasn’t a Cobb salad. Aniston added turkey bacon, garbanzo beans, and other ingredients to make it her own. They had so much fun together that they hung out during breaks.

5. The fourth of July was spent together.

Aniston and Kudrow have often vacationed together. They spent the Fourth of July together last year. All three co-stars were present, and Cox posted images on Instagram.

Their admirers love this about their friendship. No interview or NBC reunion is needed to spend time together. They love each other’s company, and just like the main characters on Friends, they love to travel and capture everything.

6. On Set, they were always laughing.

Kudrow was Aniston’s set laugh companion. In a 2020 interview, Aniston revealed she and Kudrow laughed a lot on production. Aniston said Kudrow would be about to nail her punch line and then apologise to the crowd.

Kudrow and Aniston keep each other entertained on-site by joking. Aniston also recalled their first table reading when Kudrow dressed as Phoebe Buffay. Many of Phoebe’s best outfits match her personality. She adored it.

7. Lisa has a unique nickname, Jennifer.

They’ve been pals for over a decade, and Aniston has a funny nickname for Kudrow. For Kudrow’s 57th birthday, Aniston shared a lovely nickname for her.

Aniston uploaded Kudrow pics on Instagram. A shot of the two making silly expressions was captioned, “Happy birthday, Floosh.” Fans appreciated the beautiful post and learned they share nicknames too.

8. Jennifer’s biggest fan is Lisa.

The two stars’ love has always been evident, on and off-screen. They both support one other’s projects and TV shows.

Kudrow is Aniston’s fan. She enjoys Aniston’s on-screen performances and has said she loves her Morning Show performance, which made Aniston weep up. Aniston shared a video of Kudrow singing “Smelly Cat” with Swift in 2015 via US Weekly.

9. It was quarantined

Amazing friendships make the show one of the most rewatchable of all time. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Aniston, Cox, and Kudrow lived in the same house and included each other in their protection “bubble,” which they showed fans at the 2020 Emmys. She told Jimmy Kimmel, “Jimmy, we’ve been housemates since 1994. Duh.”

The iconic trio maintains in touch and has sleepovers, but quarantining together showed how much they care for one other.

10. Lisa’s son used to call Jennifer’s mom.

Kudrow said to Conan that her son thought Aniston was his mom. He was obsessed with Aniston, she said. She said, “So, she’s a love bug. And I was happy for anyone Julian loved or was loved by. He’d yell ‘Mommy!’ at home when she was on TV.”

When Kudrow posted Julian’s birthday photo, Aniston was quick to comment. He said, “Happy Birthday, July. It seems like you just arrived.” To this day, Kudrow and her son are close to Aniston.

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