Friends: 10 Plot Holes That Aren’t Plot Holes

One of the most-watched shows, Friends on television in the 1990s, is not the only long-running show that didn’t always get the next episode right. Fans of the show have pointed out many things about the group that doesn’t make sense over time.

Monica’s Residence

People who don’t watch Friends very often would probably roll their eyes at the thought of a person in their late twenties who could afford a lovely, big apartment like the one Monica Gellar lives in during the series. Even though it seems impossible, “The One With the Flashback” and “The One With the Ballroom Dancing” talk about this situation more than once.

The Chicken and the Goose

Chandler and Joey had two adorable pets named the chick and the duck. (Although they were mentioned briefly by other characters a few times after that.) After season 6, the two feathered pals were no longer seen on the show.

Rachel & Chandler

Fans of Friends might think that Chandler Bing and Rachel Green meeting for the first time over and over again is the enormous plot hole ever, but it turns out that it’s not as big as it seems. The show’s creator, Kevin Bright, says in the show’s commentary that this isn’t a mistake but a sign that Chandler and Rachel are getting new bodies.

The Cot

How likely would someone always get their favorite seat at the local coffee shop? Fans say this plot hole doesn’t make sense because Central Perk was a popular hangout, so it’s unlikely that a comfy couch and coffee table would be present almost every time the friends visited.

The Phoebe Apartment

Like her friend Monica, Phoebe Buffay stays in the same apartment for the show’s whole run. So how did Phoebe pay for her nice-looking New York apartment? People know that Phoebe works as a masseuse and that her work isn’t always steady. So how did she pay for it?

The best thing she’d ever gotten.

The fact that Chandler and Joey, who live together, are sexually different is a running joke throughout the series. Joey is supposed to be the hot guy who is good in bed and gets all the girls, while Chandler is the funny guy who is awkward and doesn’t know what women want. When he and Monica start dating secretly, Rachel mentions Monica’s comment that her secret boyfriend is the best sex she’s ever had.

Sensitivity of Ross

For example, in “The One with the Clock” from season 9, Male Nanny,” Ross mistreats Sandy. Finally, he attempts to have him fired as Emma’s nanny because he believes Sandy is too sensitive and not manly enough. Ross was often made fun of for being sensitive and not too macho, so this seems a bit strange. However, there appears to be a reason why he acts this way.

Frank Jr.

Some Friends fans think that People think that Frank Jr.’s early appearance as “Condom Boy” is a plot hole. But it’s not what people think it is. The first time viewers see actor Giovanni Ribisi is in the second season episode, “The One with the Baby on the Bus.” He shows up briefly to get the condom he dropped by accident in Phoebe’s guitar case.


When “The One with the Gun” aired in the sixth season, the Blue Eyes,” Ross’ Denial,” Phoebe informs Ross that she has a roommate named Denise whom no one knows about. Ever heard of it, even though Phoebe says she always talks about Denise. Even though it might seem like sloppy writing that this supposed roommate is never mentioned. There are a few ideas about who Denise is and why she isn’t mentioned. Some of her fans even thought she might not be accurate.


Most of the Friends characters had happy endings with a special someone. But it didn’t look like that was Joey Tribbiani’s case. The funny actor never seemed to have difficulty finding a date during the whole series. In later seasons, he also appeared to get serious about wanting more than just casual dating. So why was it so hard to figure out how his story ended?

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