Henry Cavill is turned into Hyperion from the MCU in Loki fan art

In a new piece of Loki fan art, Henry Cavill is shown as Hyperion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Cavill became well-known for taking over the role of Clark Kent in Zack Snyder’s 2013 movie Man of Steel. He played Superman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the movie version of Justice League, and Snyder’s own Justice League. Warner Bros./DC Films (now Warner Bros. Discovery) gave up on the Snyder-Verse, so Cavill seems to have hung up his cape to work on projects like Enola Holmes on Netflix, The Witcher. And the upcoming reboot of Highlander.

Whether Superman shows up in the DCEU or not, Marvel’s copies of him will be all over the MCU, from Captain Marvel to Ikaris in the Eternals. Hyperion, a member of the Squadron Supreme, is one of Marvel’s earliest takes on Superman, who has not yet been seen in the MCU. The Squadron Supreme is a parody of DC’s Justice League. In addition to being able to fly, the character is solid, fast, agile, and has “atomic vision,” like heat vision. This week, rumours spread that Cavill would play Hyperion in the second season of Loki from Marvel Studios.

Recently, @Clements.Ink posted some fan art on Instagram arguing. That Henry Cavill would be the best choice to play Hyperion in the MCU. There are rumours that the actor could play a role in Disney+’s Loki. So this new piece imagines him as the character. Look at it here:

At the end of season 1, after Sylvie stuck her dagger into He Who Remains, Loki was looking at a statue of Kang the Conqueror. Since Jonathan Majors’ character has been confirmed as the new big bad in the MCU. Kang is likely to be the bad guy in multiple projects, including the second season of Loki, which is currently filming in the UK. As Loki, Sylvie. And Mobius travel through the multiverse, they could quickly run into the Squadron Supreme and through them, Hyperion. Even though Cavill is in England right now to film the third season of The Witcher, rumours that he is working with Kang should be taken with a grain of salt.

Last month, there were rumours that Cavill would show up at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about Superman’s return to the DCEU. Even though that didn’t happen, fans still want Man of Steel 2. And Dwayne Johnson is putting pressure on Cavill to bring back Superman. But Cavill might no longer be interested in the cape from the DCEU. After the Ezra Miller scandal, Warner Media’s merger with Discovery, and the cancellation of Batgirl. The DCEU is being changed (again) in a foolish attempt to compete with the MCU. It would be both meta and poetic justice if Cavil were cast as an evil version of Superman in the universe.

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