Here’s how much money Walt and Jesse made in the TV show Breaking Bad.

The main idea behind Breaking Bad is that Water White needs to make money to pay for his care and ensure his family will be okay if he dies. Walt, who has cancer, does something desperate to reach his goals: he makes and sells methamphetamine. But everyone wants to know how much money Walt and Jesse made together.

We know this, and we also understand that the business we started with Jesse Pinkman, even though there were a lot of “accidents” along the way, turned out to be very profitable in the end. Fans of the series have probably seen pictures of purses, holdalls, and even barrels full of bills.

First, you should consider how much money you have. How much did that cost? We must remember a long series of events that, over time, sometimes make your earnings go up quickly and sometimes go down by a lot. Saul Goodman’s outrageously high fees always add up.

The money is also used to pay for Hank Schrader’s medical care after he is hurt by the Salamanca brothers in Season 3. Walt says that he won the money at the game by chance. Again, there is the problem with Ted Beneke’s taxes, which costs another $ 621,000 to fix.

In season five, it comes out that Walt would have made more than $80 million if he had stayed in business. He put those $80,000,000 in big barrels and buried them somewhere in the New Mexico desert. But Todd’s Uncle Jack takes all those barrels except for the one they left for Walt. He used some of the money in the barrel to get out of town and avoid being caught by the police. In the end, he left about $9 Million for his son and daughter.

At the end of El Camino, how much money did Jesse Pinkman have?

From Quora.
Jesse had over $230,000 in cash where El Camino ends.


Skinny Pete asks Jesse if he has any money, but Jesse says he doesn’t. After that, he and Badger give Jesse about $8,000 in cash. Then, Jesse finds Todd’s capital, and he, Neil, and Casey get an equal amount. One-third of Todd’s money, plus what Skinny Pete and Badger gave, came to $248,200. Ed needed $250,000, and Jesse Pinkman was short $1,800. Then, Jesse goes to Kandy Welding to ask for the rest of the money, which is $1,800. Neil instead challenges Jesse to a fight to the death for his whole share of the capital. Jesse kills Neil and Casey and takes Neil’s share of the money, which gives him an extra $240,000.

Jesse has about $488,800 in his bank account right now. After paying Ed’s $250k and any money Neil may have already spent, he has $238.8k left over. Ed gives him the Toyota Land Cruiser when they cross the border from Canada into Alaska.

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