How Kaley Cuoco and her sister helped shape Harley Quinn’s relationship with Batgirl

The Big Bang Theory’s younger sister and The Flight Attendant star joined as Barbara Gordon. Patrick Schumacker, the creator and producer of Harley Quinn, said Kaley and Briana Cuoco influenced her relationship with Batgirl. Harley Quinn’s third season premiered on HBO Max in 2022.

Barbara Gordon, daughter of Commissioner Jim Gordon, debuted in 1967. Batgirl joins Batman’s struggle against crime. Briana Cuoco joined the cast of Harley Quinn in season 2, supporting Harley (Kaley Cuoco) and Poison Ivy (Lake Bell) in Gotham City’s lawless no-land. A man motivates Barbara to become Batgirl. Batgirl’s journey will continue as she works alongside her father and the Batfamily in season 3. One of the show’s writers says the actresses inspired Batgirl and Harley’s friendship.

Schumacker told Screen Rant at Comic-Con that the similarities between the Kaley Cuoco sisters affected Batgirl and Harley’s friendship in season 3. The writer said Harley and Barbara would become closer as the season progressed because they would find common ground. Schumacker said the Cuoco sisters’ bond affected Harley and Barbara. Here’s the author’s reply.

After Batgirl disclosed her identity to her alcoholic father, Jim Gordon (Christopher Meloni), season 3 will explore how both characters continue to protect Gotham City. In the season 2 finale, Two-Face (Andy Daly) lured Gordon into capturing the criminals during Ivy. And Kite’s wedding. When a steel pipe impales the mayor in Season 3, the red-band trailer indicates that Gordon will run against the Joker (Alan Tudyk). The teaser featured Barbara working with Batman, Robin (Jacob Tremblay), Nightwing (Harvey GuillĂ©n), and Harley. Despite her dislike of Harley’s violence.

As Harley and Ivy enter the next phase of their lives, the third season of Harley Quinn will add Gotham City’s most famous and infamous citizens. The show will continue their travels. Season 3 will explore how Barbara and Harley have changed after their first meeting in season 2. Fans will be interested in watching how the animated series develops Harley and Barbara after Schumacker’s revelation.

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