How Kaley Cuoco’s Avoided the Uncomfortable Stages of Hair Growth

For lack of a better term, Kaley Cuoco’s hair transition from lob to pixie and back again has been a perfect ten. Because we have the Instagram posts to support it, we have always been curious about how she managed to switch between lengths so smoothly. Cuoco has not gone through an uncomfortable hair-growth stage in a long time. For the majority of women, the hair-growing-out process is similar to going through puberty—there are awkward stages and odd things you just have to get through. Cuoco, however, is an exception. Hers has changed quite gracefully since it was at its shortest in January 2015. So we asked her hairstylist Christine Symonds for the solution.

Her approach: “Trimming Kaley’s back hair every few weeks to let the front and sides catch up has been the trick to growing out Kaley’s pixie,” she explains. In the images below, you can see the development take place right before your eyes. The real trick, though? With the aid of products like a texturing mist and Kenra Platinum Dry Texture Spray, we would give Kaley’s hair a tonne of texture to cover up a lot of the awkward lengths and stages.

It’s not that Cuoco never went through wonky phases; rather, Symonds diverted our attention by giving Cuoco’s character a messy, bedhead-like texture. Anyone who is having difficulty in a transitional situation needs to know this important information. Grab some texturizer and a curling iron to add some bend and movement when you encounter a growth plateau. It functions as a kind of hair camouflage.

Check out the photo timeline below to see if you can identify the awkward steps that led to the lovely bedhead texture.

When January 2015 was at its shortest:

Less than a month later, a little bit longer on top:

Around her face, some longer pieces started to show by the summer:

Evidence that the front pieces eventually caught up to the back pieces’ length:

Her bedhead bob from the 2016 People’s Choice Awards:

Just three months later, she wore a slightly longer, collarbone-grazing version of her bob to the Grammys:

Cuoco rang in the new year with her longest look in two years:

Cuoco’s most recent look, in late 2017, was a full-on shoulder-skimming lob:

Even though Cuoco’s hair is now just past the shoulders. Hardly awkward even if you trim off a few inches length so beloved by Pinterest enthusiasts and celebs. The same styling tips still apply: With the right texture spray and a few rounds with a curling iron. You can fool anyone into thinking your hair is exactly the length you’ve always wanted.


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