How to get KALEY CUOCO’s short hair looks

Kaley Cuoco knows how to style short hair like no one else. The 30-year-old has looked great with pink bobs, edgy pixie cuts, and everything in between. Click on the link to see the top ten times ‘ We want her short hair from The Big Bang Theory.

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At the Kids’ Choice Awards, Kaley’s sleek and smooth style made people notice. Start by sweeping wet hair into a deep side parting and combing it down for a poker-straight look. Take some hair oil for a wet-looking finish (argan or jojoba oil will also work). And use your palms to smooth down all of your hair. Use hairspray with a stronghold to keep the hair set.

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If your hair is cut short and you want to grow it into a bob, do what Kaley did and go to the salon to add some layers. This will make it much easier to style, and when it’s down, you can add a lot more volume without using too much product.

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With her short pixie cuts, the “Big Bang Theory” actress always gets a lot of attention on the red carpet. Most of the time, they choose a short, choppy style to add a bit of edge. Keep this look a little messy for a laid-back, stylish look.

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An undercut is a powerful way to say something. Use straighteners to smooth it out and give it a smooth finish. But if you want to soften it up, you can copy Kaley’s look at the SAG awards by making a side fringe with your long hair.

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No matter if you have short bangs or are trying to grow a more straightforward style. Like Kaley, you can bring out your inner punk by sweeping your hair back and backcombing it at the roots for maximum volume. Keep the sides very smooth, and use hairspray to keep the style in place.

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The star, born in California, chose the Emmys because the red carpet style is simple and easy. To get rid of lice, brush your hair with stray hairs, and then use your fingers to run some texture wax through your hair.

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The side-swept style Kaley has is so easy to do at home. Start by sweeping wet hair into a dramatic side part. Bring it to the front to make a fringe if you have long hair. Then, get a hairdryer and a small round brush and use them as you dry your hair. Keep brushing your hair down to keep it as smooth as you can. Spray hairspray on your fingers and keep smoothing your hair down to get a soft look. When you like how it looks, give it one last spray of hairspray to keep it in place.

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A-listers usually wear their hair slicked back on the red carpet. And it only takes a few minutes to do on short hair. Kaley’s smooth, sleek style looks best on hair that has just been washed, so wash and condition it first. Use a small round brush to smooth your hair as it dries. Add volume by brushing up at the roots as you dry. Then dry the rest of your hair with a blow dryer until it is smooth. When you are done, use a fine-tooth comb to tame any strands still flying around.

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Take a page from Kaley’s book and curl your bob for a casually glamorous look. Spray your hair with a product that adds volume product to give it some texture. Use a curling iron to work through each section of your hair. Don’t worry about keeping your hair smooth and straight; it looks best when it’s a little messy.


Let’s say you want a little bit more daring. A pixie cut can be edgy, but a soft pink color that looks like candy floss can make a big statement. If you’ve never colored your hair before, use hair chalks that are easy to wash out. Please don’t put anything on your hair after you wash it. Then, smooth the hair chalk on the parts you want to color. Sometimes a few strands are just as eye-catching as a lot of them.

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