Inside Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow’s Friendship

Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow are friends in real life, not just because they play best friends on Friends.

The legendary show, which first aired on NBC in 1994, made Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, and the rest of the cast into big stars. It also brought some of the cast members together in real life.

Aniston told Variety in a June 2020 interview that she and Kudrow “always had these fits of laughter” on set. She explained, with Kudrow in mind, “You had this great skill where right before your joke got funny, you would do this cute thing where you would break. You would say the punchline, then turn to the crowd and say, “I’m sorry, it’s hilarious.”

Aniston remembers the first time they worked on the show together at a table read. She said, “You were dressed like Phoebe Buffay, with a hippie shirt made of white linen and a bunch of seashells and necklaces. And you had two little clips holding your hair up, and these little blond tendrils were coming out of it. So, so, so beautiful!”

Kudrow, for her part, is waiting for the rest of the cast to get together before she goes back to Phoebe, saying, “It’s not something I watch. I still don’t watch it because I want to wait until we can watch it together.”

Jennifer Aniston calls Lisa Kudrow by a name that no one else does.

Even though Friends ended more than ten years ago, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow are still good friends.

Even their co-star on Friends, Courteney Cox, is in a group chat with them. Cox told Us Weekly in jest, “Lisa, Jennifer, and I all text each other, but I find it too stressful. I wouldn’t say I like the chain of group texts. I don’t like it at all!”

Even while they were in quarantine, the three of them got together to film a sketch for the 2020 Emmys in which they pretended to still live together in real life as a joke about their Friends characters. “We’ve been roommates since 1994,” Aniston said as a joke.

It looks like the women enjoy joking around with each other. They even call each other by cute names. Us Weekly says that on Lisa Kudrow’s birthday in July, Aniston posted a funny photo of Kudrow to her Instagram story and wrote, “Happy birthday, my sweetest Floosh.” In another, Aniston posted a picture of the two hugging with the words “I love you” written next to it.

And we love how close they are, which is something we hope to see on screen again soon. Variety says that when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, and they can start filming again, all six of the show’s stars will get together for an HBO special about a Friends reunion. Max. Kudrow talked about how happy she was, saying, “That will be wonderful. I’m so excited to do that.”

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