Investigator discloses Amber Heard recruited him to uncover ‘negative things’ about Johnny Depp: “We arrived empty-handed and were dismissed”

Paul Barresi, an investigator, has stated that Amber Heard engaged him to collect damaging information about Johnny Depp in 2019.

Last year, Johnny Depp prevailed in his defamation suit against ex-wife Amber Heard. During the six-week trial, Amber presented multiple charges against Johnny, claiming he had physically and mentally mistreated her. The investigator Paul Baressi has now claimed that Amber recruited him to “find negative information against Johnny.” Also, See: Johnny Depp testified that Amber Heard never caused him “physical or emotional pain,” according to newly revealed court documents.


Paul disclosed to Law and Crime Network, “I got all of these historical documents on him” (Johnny Depp). The home he formerly resided in and the sites where his father worked were terrific. We searched the globe for negative information about Johnny but came up empty-handed. In July of 2019, Amber employed me throughout the summer season.

He added, “She terminated our employment.” I did not decide to share my time as a private investigator with Amber until April 2020. According to court testimony, Johnny is identical to his father. When they wed, Johnny’s father was four years younger than his mother. He was a meek individual who disliked conflict. However, instead of disputing, the father gave his mother the final say.”

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