Jennifer Aniston was the final of the primary six to join the cast.

When I first started watching, the show was just getting started. It was in its infancy. When the first episode of “Friends” was recorded, Jennifer Aniston had not yet established herself. As one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actresses. As a result, Jennifer Aniston was not in the cast.

In an interview that she gave Us Weekly in 2013, Jennifer Aniston revealed that she was the sixth. And final key cast member to be added to the series. The other five had already been cast in their respective roles. She explained that she was added to the series after the other five had already been released in their respective roles.

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She stated that the producers of the show wanted her to sit out of the main cast shots for the entirety of the shoot. Because they did not know how long she would be a part of the show. Or if she would continue to play the role of Rachel. She also said that the show’s producers did not know if she would continue to play the role of Rachel.

Jennifer Aniston proved that she was an essential part of the cast; consequently. She received an Emmy Award nomination for the job that she performed playing the role of Rachel Green in the show.

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