Kaley Cuoco got emotional after she took in a horse that had been mistreated.

Tom Pelphrey and Kaley Cuoco are getting closer and have a new pet. Kaley Cuoco saved a horse being mistreated after hearing about it. The actress from the movie Flight Attendant told fans on social media. Her moving message showed what the mare looked like before it was brought to her facility and what it was doing after it arrived. Here is a piece of an email that Kaley sent. I’ve always known that my barn would be a safe place for any animals with four legs that needed us. “Because the horses’ well-being is now my top priority, I sometimes forget that I ride them. We didn’t waste even a second.

Kaley Cuoco takes in a horse that had been mistreated and tells her fans, “We went and got her. Everyone on the Big Bay City team and Tracy Wade, thank you for helping save as many people as possible. We hope you have fun while you’re here. Kaley and Tom have been apart for a while because their projects have required them to be in different places.

But Kaley is very grateful for the time they get to spend together and has gushed before about what a great person the Ozark star is.

To celebrate his 40th birthday. She wrote him a sweet message about how much she loved him. The letter was written to him. It said, “To the amazing man who saved me in every way.” “Happy birthday, little one! To love you, you have to know yourself. When you came into the world, it got brighter. @tommypelphrey, I love you so much!”

Kaley is utterly crazy about Tom. After over a month, she was finally divorced from her second husband, Karl Cooke. She said wonderful things about her first husband. Even though she didn’t say what the problems were, he helped her figure out how to solve them. Legal documents that Entertainment Tonight was able to get sound that the case was finally finished on Monday, June 20, in Los Angeles Superior Court. Before that, they’d been together for three years and decided to break up suddenly. This was a shock to both of them.

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