Kaley Cuoco shows that she and Tom Pelphrey are as close as ever.

When it comes to love, Kaley Cuoco hasn’t had much luck. The star of “The Big Bang Theory” has had her fair share of broken hearts and public breakups since the beginning of the 2010s. People say that Cuoco and addiction specialist Josh “Lazie” Resnik got engaged in October 2011 but that they called off their wedding before it happened in 2012. Then, in 2013, she met professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting, and they fell in love. They got engaged three months after that. On New Year’s Eve 2013, they got married, but by September 2015, they were no longer together. The actor later told Variety that they might have moved too fast. “We got married in six seconds,” she said as a joke.

In 2016, Cuoco met Karl Cook, who also liked horses and seemed like a good match. They married in June 2018, but they split up in September 2021. “We have realized that our current paths have taken us in different directions, even though we love and respect each other deeply,” they told People in a joint statement. After she got divorced, Cuoco’s life wasn’t easy. She needed some time to acclimate to being alone again, and she questioned if she was worthy of marriage. In April, she told Glamour that she still believed in love but that she would never get married again. She said, “I would love to have a long-term relationship or partnership, but I will never get married again.” Now, she is giving love another chance.

Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey make their first appearance on the red carpet.

In May, on Instagram, Kaley Cuoco showed off her new boyfriend, actor Tom Pelphrey. She posted cute pictures of them enjoying nature and wrote, “The sun breaks through the clouds, rays of gold slipping into my eyes and heart, rays of yellow to break the grey.” Later that month, they went to an event for producer Greg Berlanti on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This was the first time they went out in public together. In July, Cuoco used Instagram to honour Pelphrey’s birthday. This was a sign of how much she cared for him. She wrote him a sweet letter in which she called him “the amazing man who saved me in every way” and told him, “To know you is to love you truly.” When you were born, the world got brighter.

They were both nominated for an Emmy in the same month. She put him forward for “The Flight Attendant,” and “Ozark” picked him. Pelphrey posted a video of Cuoco finding out about her nomination and wrote “CONGRATULATIONS TO MY FAVORITE ACTRESS!!!” on Instagram to show their relationship’s strength and support. It wasn’t a surprise that they went to the Emmys together on September 12 and made it official on the red carpet. Fans could see how close they were because Page Six posted cute pictures of them laughing, posing. And looking lovingly into each other’s eyes.

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