Kaley Cuoco talks about how Karl Cook’s divorce made her feel depressed.

When the second season of The Flight Attendant was being filmed, Kaley Cuoco disclosed that she had been dealing with mental illness. It was a challenging year all around. ” Not only on a personal level but also because I play a tormented character,” the 36-year-old actor explained. According to statements made by the Charmed star to Variety. Her sadness was brought on by her divorce from Karl Cook and her work on HBO. After one month, I decided it was time for a trailer intervention. She said that it was fascinating to hear herself say that aloud. Kaley Cuoco explained, “I’m a working woman, which means I’m independent, and I take satisfaction in the fact that I’m able to accomplish everything.” I was unable to do it this time.

A person who used to be on “The Big Bang Theory”: “It was a bleak period.” The depressive state of the character was making things worse! I made an effort to mask my feelings of sorrow and sadness. After a divorce, the actress started going to “treatment.” In addition to that, “she broke out in a stress rash. That persisted for three months.” Kaley Cuoco was unable to move at all.

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