Kaley Cuoco wore a low-cut bra to the yoga party for her boyfriend’s birthday.

As she celebrates her boyfriend’s birthday, Tom Pelphrey’s, Kaley Cuoco is happy and proud of her body. Today, the 36-year-old sitcom star put lovey-dovey pictures of herself and the Ozark actor all over her Instagram Stories. When the new couple came out in public this year, after Kaley’s divorce from Karl Cook in September 2021, they made a lot of news. The actress’s photos from 2022 showed the fun times she had with Tom. Kaley went so far as to say that Tom had “saved” her in “every way.”

One picture showed that Kaley Cuoco loves yoga, which seems to be something that couples do nowadays. The HBO Max star showed off her body in a tight, low-cut sports bra and dark leggings when she took a selfie in a studio. She also showed off her well-shaped stomach. Kaley sat on a yoga mat barefoot and put a bun in her blonde hair. Kaley took a picture with Tom, who was 40 and wore shorts and no shirt. Yogi’s birthday boy, @tommypelphrey, was written in the caption.

People only saw them together for the first time that day at the ceremony honoring Greg Berlanti’s Walk of Fame in May, shortly after it became known to the general public that they were dating. Kaley wrote the following in a gushing post she published on Instagram and shared with more than 7 million followers: “I want to wish a happy birthday to the incredible man who has been my savior in every way. To truly love someone, one must first become familiar with that person. On the day you came into the world, the darkness was dispelled. I can’t even begin to express how much I adore you, @tommypelphrey.”

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