Lisa Kudrow describes how Jerry Seinfeld seized credit for the early popularity of Friends.

In the early 1990s, Friends was one of the most successful new sitcoms. Before Friends, however, Jerry Seinfeld’s nine-season sitcom Seinfeld entertained the audience with its cheerful banter and depiction of New York life. The series ended in 1998. In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Lisa Kudrow of Friends discussed the relationship between the two shows.

Kudrow, who portrayed Phoebe Buffay on Friends, disclosed her conversation with Jerry Seinfeld in the early days of their show. She stated, “I recall attending a gathering where Jerry Seinfeld was present. And he responded to my greeting with “Thank you”.” Kudrow responded, “Why, thank you… what?”

Kudrow relayed what Seinfeld had said to her and added, “You’re welcome. You’re on after us in the summer.”

Kudrow elaborated on the relationship between Seinfeld and Friends regarding audience viewership. Stating that while Friends initially followed Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser’s sitcom Mad About You. The sitcom did not “explode” until it was placed after Seinfeld reruns the following summer.

The actress acknowledged that the show’s first season numbers were “decent.” However, she said she wouldn’t take anything away from the show’s creators and performers, who were all doing an outstanding job.

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