Love and Thunder: 8 Memes That Say It All About Thor and Jane

Thor: Love and Thunder rekindled interest in Thor Odinson and Jane Foster’s relationship. Many critics praised Thor and Jane’s chemistry and how it affected the plot.

With Thor: Love and Thunder ending Jane and Thor’s romance, it’s worth looking at how memes portray their relationship. Fans have created memes depicting their relationship and how audiences view it. This includes addressing Jane’s absence from Thor: Ragnarok and their shared interests.

8. Thor’s View of Jane

Some Thor films are among Natalie Portman’s best, but she missed Thor: Ragnarok. From Thor’s perspective, this meme captures Jane’s presence at the time.

In Love and Thunder, Jane played Mighty Thor, strengthening the pair’s relationship. Jane and Thor were happy together in the first entry, but she was upset when he left. Third, Jane wasn’t involved, so Thor saw an empty field.

7. Thor’s jealousy over Jane and Mjölnir

In Love and Thunder, Thor’s attempts to reclaim the hammer from Jane were hilarious. Fans have created memes about Mjölnir’s role in the MCU, such as Thor realizing Jane now owned the hammer.

Jane didn’t want to give up Mjölnir because it was healing her illness; Thor found out later. Jane’s possession of Mjölnir became heartwarming when it was revealed that Thor had placed a spell on it to protect her for him.

6 Love Interests Agree

Thor and Jane have similar humor about social awkwardness. The pair has ludicrous ideas but thinks they’re valid. This meme shows Thor and Jane’s disguise-thinking.

Thor covered his head with a cloth in Ragnarok, and Jane did the same in Love and Thunder. They’re not stealthy, but they share the same mindset that made their relationship work.

5. Coziness

One She-Hulk: Attorney at Law teaser shows her with a new boyfriend. Thor: Love and Thunder teasers suggested a similar dynamic for Jane and Thor, and the film followed suit.

Thor carried Jane to the apartment in a flashback montage of their honeymoon phase together. Thor and Jane went through a happy time when nothing terrible could happen.

4. Jane can’t beat Thor

Thor raised Jane’s standards for a boyfriend. Despite Richard’s interest, she tried to get over him in The Dark World. Jane was Thor’s forever.

Jane and Thor never went out with anyone else, proving they were meant to be. The meme shows how no one can compete with a God of Thunder as a romantic rival.

3. Jane and Thor couldn’t care less about the odds

Those Fans of the Thor comics who read them all the time know that Sif is also one of Thor’s main loves. But in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jane was the only person Thor loved, bringing him Odin’s ire. In The Dark World, the All-father wasn’t too happy with how things were going, and this meme is a funny way to show that.

Odin banished Thor to Earth so that he would be worth it again; while that was happening, Thor fell in love with a human. Thor’s relationship with Jane was never going to last since he could live for 5,000 years, and she only had a few hundred an average lifespan. Still, they loved each other so much that this was never a problem.


2. In Every Universe, Jane and Thor Fall in Love

When Jane died, she asked Thor to keep his heart open even after she was gone. This is one of the best lines in the Thor series. Thor and Jane were never only supposed to meet in the Sacred Timeline. The What If…? series showed that they also met in an alternate timeline.

Thor and Jane are meant to end up together no matter what because their feelings for each other go beyond universes. The meme shows that they act the same way in both timelines, which means that any conflict between them is just for a short time.

1. What fans think about their love story

Almost Every fan thought Thor: Love and Thunder would be a funny story about Jane and Thor getting back together. As it turned out, the movie was a sad story where she died, and they could never be together again, which was something few people would have predicted.

After Thor: Love and Thunder, fans will always look at Thor and Jane’s relationship through a tragic lens, precisely how this meme shows it. Jane’s arrival at Valhalla gives us hope that she and Thor will see each other again someday, even though it seems like that will be a long time from now.

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