On the Role Play set in Berlin, Billy Nighy and Kaley Cuoco have a “magical” Subway lunch.

Who was in Love last week in Berlin, where they were filming their new movie Role Play? Kaley Cuoco is up for three Emmys, and Kaley and Bill Nighy had a “magical” Subway sandwich lunch. Also, they had Doritos. The 36-year-old from Southern California, who has 7.4 million Instagram followers, said this on Tuesday via Instastory. The Englishman, who is 72 years old, “loves” the fast food chain in Connecticut, which has 31 locations in the city.

In her posts, Kaley spelt Bill’s last name wrong twice, but she didn’t mean to. She said he was “the classiest gent around” and gave a weak shout-out to David Oyelowo.

According to Deadline, Billy Bob Thorton had a scheduling conflict and couldn’t play “mysterious stranger” Bob in Thomas Vincent’s thriller for Amazon Studios. Nighy instead took on the role.

“I already miss him!” Emma’s producer and star, Cuoco, wrote a caption for another picture of herself holding two Polaroids of strangers who seem to be getting along. While she has been in Germany, the former Big Bang Theory star has missed her many dogs and her boyfriend of four months, Outer Range star Tom Pelphrey.

Oops! In her posts, Kaley Bill’s last name was wrong twice. But she meant well when she called him “the classiest gent around” and gave a weak shout-out to David Oyelowo (M).

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