Pokémon Scarlet/Violet Final Form Information Allegedly Leaked

Final Form Information for Pokémon Scarlet/Violet Fuecoco Reportedly Leaked

A series of recent leaks from a reliable source reveal several details about the final form of the Fire starter, including hints at its inspirations.

Riddler Khu, a well-known Pokémon game leaker on Twitter, revealed a few details about Fuecoco’s final form. Because Khu’s account is private, another Twitter user, SoulSilverArt, shared the leaks. The main one is an image of a computer desktop with various files with teasing labels — hints at leaks, as is Khu’s style. One in particular appears to be a reference to Fuecoco’s evolutionary chain, as it depicts a crocodile with a chicken on its head.

SoulSilverArt discovered a full-sized image of the image in question, displaying it in greater detail. SoulSilverArt and other fans believe the Fire-starter will have a feather mohawk or something similar as it evolves, based on Khu’s previous comments that one of Fuecoco’s current features would grow in its final form and the image above. As SoulSilverArt points out, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are set in a Spanish-inspired environment, and a feathered helm was a common feature of knights in Spain.

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Other fans speculated that Fuecoco could evolve into a cockatrice. A legendary creature that is a cross between a rooster and a crocodile/serpent. Given rumours that Fuecoco’s final form would be Fire/Ghost and potentially terrifying.  A monster of this type could fit the bill. This would allow Fuecoco to keep a long-held fan theory about the final evolutions of the Fire-starter line. Each Pokémon representing a member of the Chinese Zodiac.

Many fans who believe this theory expressed. The starter would transform into a more serpentine shape to represent the Zodiac’s Snake. Since Charizard already occupies the other obvious option of the Dragon. Others pointed out that male and female crocodiles are referred to as bulls and cows, respectively, which means

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