The Big Bang Theory: Bernadette’s 5 Most Annoying Acts (& 5 Sweetest)

Bernadette was a frequent guest on The Big Bang Theory, and while she could be annoying, she could also be sweet.

Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz began as a recurring character but quickly rose to series regular status as the quirky Howard Wolowitz’s girlfriend-turned-fianceĆ©-turned-wife in the hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

10. Irritating: I took the Scavenger Hunt far too seriously.

Raj, one of the adorable friends, had a thing for organising game nights where the gang had to participate in activities such as a murder mystery, sniffing out clues and solving the case, or following a trail in a scavenger hunt.

9. The sweetest: he asked Amy to be his maid of honour.

Bernadette then asked Amy to be her maid of honour to make amends for their previous transgression. Amy turned out to be a rather annoying maid of honour, but it was still a thoughtful gesture on Bernadette’s part.

8. Penny was irritable.

Bernadette was the one who got Penny her well-paying pharmaceutical sales job, which was nice of her. But when she began nagging and bugging Penny and was constantly on her back all day, it became frustrating for both parties.

7. Sweetest: Agreed to look after Mrs. Wolowitz.

When Mrs. Wolowitz became ill, Howard was left to care for his ailing, invalid mother, a task he dreaded. Bernadette, on the other hand, agreed to care for her mother-in-law without hesitation, despite knowing how difficult she could be. Bernie even tried to persuade Howard that nursing his mother was not a burden, telling him that she would look out for her own mother if it were her.

6. Everyone was irritated by the Vomit Comet.

Bernadette acted rather irritably throughout the entire situation. She was irritated at first that she hadn’t been invited to the experience, and then she bullied Howard into letting her come even though they both knew she wouldn’t enjoy it. However, once there, she refused to participate, ruining the event for everyone else. Her behaviour was both ridiculous and immature, and she didn’t care if she ruined what was supposed to be a fun event for everyone.

5. Screamed at Sheldon and Leonard for disrespecting Howard’s mother.

Unfortunately, the entire dinner was marred by Sheldon and Leonard bickering over the fact that the latter’s name had not appeared in a journal that mentioned a paper he and Sheldon had co-written. Bernadette, on the other hand, took matters into her own hands and gave the two a piece of her mind; she did it in her inimitable style, screaming at them for ruining such an important occasion for Howard, but it was still very sweet of her.

4. Embarrassing: Became Overly Competitive in Video Games.

She became overly aggressive while attempting to beat her husband and Raj at a video game, and made a big deal out of it, even taking lessons from Denise at the comic book store on how to play the game. In fact, her storylines seemed a little forced at times.

3. Sweetest: I attempted to fulfil Howard’s magical wish.

However, when she learned of his lifelong dream of being accepted into the Magic Castle. She set aside her reservations and decided to assist him in achieving his goal. She went overboard with the training, but at least she tried to make him happy.

2. Annoying: Penny was judged.

The situation was vexing to say the least. Because Penny had every right to make a life decision without being judged by everyone. But Bernadette only made matters worse by telling her she was making a mistake. And even gossiping about it with Howard. It was grating to see her put pressure on a friend instead of being there for her when she herself didn’t want children.

1. Sweetest: I convinced Howard to prevent Raj from leaving.

Despite his sadness at the prospect of losing his best friend, Howard did not stop him. Bernadette eventually asked him to make a dash for it. So that he could still stop his best friend from leaving. Which was a really sweet gesture that eventually led to the friends being reunited.

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