The Thor franchise cannot survive without Loki, as demonstrated by Love and Thunder.

Since the commencement of these films, Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of Loki has been a notable element. We all know that the character will not appear in the fourth chapter of the saga. Thor: Love and Thunder is the only Thor film in which his half-brother Loki, commonly known as the God of Mischief, does not appear in any capacity. Nonetheless, since the real Loki perished in Infinity War, an alternate form continues to roam the entire Loki cosmos.

In the MCU’s first three Phases, one of the most significant plot strands is the progression of their relationship. Hiddleston’s role gives us the sense that something is lacking without the fraternal association and occasional hints of brotherhood between Thor and Loki. Without it, Love and Thunder feel somewhat lacking.

The relationship between Loki and Thor was central to Thor flicks.

The original Thor’s backbone was constructed from Loki and Thor. They established a connection over 1000 years ago and grew up together. However, when it is revealed that Loki is a frost giant, Thor is broken, as he believes he could never live up to being the “true” son of Odin, Thor. And because of this, Loki follows a partially evil course and manifestly mischievous course.

The Relationship Between Loki and Thor Has Always Been Complicated

Nevertheless, like a loving brother who still despises him, Thor never indeed abandons him. Sure, they have fought multiple times in the MCU, but once Loki decides to conquer Earth in The Avengers, Thor’s first step is to beg him to return home as his brother. Even in The Dark World, the problematic relationship between the brothers is the film’s driving force.

Loki’s Death Was Among the Most Tragedy-Induced Because He Died Before a Helpless Thor

When they finally reach this place, the Mad Titan launches an attack and kills Loki. It is a devastating conclusion to their relationship and character. However, there is the issue: the remaining narrative continues. He would have significantly assisted in the battle against Gorr or simply as a shoulder to weep over his tragic problems with Jane. Instead, the God of Thunder is without his closest companion, and his film suffers as a result.

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