Vince Gilligan didn’t wish Lalo Salamanca in Better Call Saul.

Better Call Saul, which aired on AMC and was created by Vince Gilligan, aired its final episode on Monday of this week. One of the characters that viewers loved the most was Lalo Salamanca. According to what Vince Gilligan revealed in an interview, Tony Dalton, who played the fascinating, intelligent, and attractive character, was never going to be presented on the show.

Before the fourth season of the Saul Goodman spin-off, when he makes his first official appearance, the character of Lalo was essentially a never-closed open parenthesis. This continued until the fourth season.

If you remember correctly, the name Lalo had already been mentioned in the earlier episodes of Breaking Bad. This was when Walter White and Jessie Pinkman kidnapped Saul and took him into the desert. Saul believed that Walter and Jessie were the henchmen of a specific Lalo responsible for his death.

In this episode of Better Call, Saul, the creator of Breaking Bad, explains why he chose not to include Lalo in the show.


“During Breaking Bad’s first two seasons, when I was more committed to the show. Peter Gould kept urging that we explain who Lalo is, and I was thinking. “I was not sure whether we need to disentangle every single enigma,” Gilligan remembers. ”

“It makes me uncomfortable to admit it at this point. If Peter hadn’t pushed, there would have been no such thing as Tony Dalton. We would not have it if it weren’t for this incredible character.

“Most of the time, the people I find it most difficult to collaborate with are the ones that prompt me to exclaim, “Ah, to hell with them. Who cares?’ tends to be one of the best responses of all.

With that, the two creators of the critically acclaimed television series come to a close. Making a blatant reference to the Jessie Pinkman character played by Aaron Paul.

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