Vince Gilligan of Better Call Saul gives a straight answer when asked if there could be more shows in the Breaking Bad universe.

When the last episode of Better Call Saul aired on AMC in 2013 after five intense seasons, fans were kept going by the promise of a spinoff about Saul Goodman. We were excited to see more from this world, but because Breaking Bad set the bar so high. No one thought Better Call Saul would be as good as or even better than Breaking Bad. You can’t blame fans for wondering about a Saul spinoff with one of the prequel’s characters in the days before the start of the sequel, last episode. And co-creator Vince Gilligan’s blunt answer shows that he’s thought about it too.

Better Call Saul, the prequel with Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill-turned-Saul Goodman-turned-Gene Takavic, will end on Monday, August 15, with an episode called “Saul Gone,” which sounds ominous. Vince Gilligan told Rolling Stone what he thought about whether or not he should keep going with the story he’s been working on for over a decade. He said:

I could see myself going back to it. I want to do that because I want to keep this going. But without naming names, I look around at some of the worlds, universes. And stories I love, whether they are on TV or in the movies. I also think there’s a hard-to-define point when you’ve done too much in the same universe. Just leave it alone.

Vince Gilligan cares a lot about this world he made. And it’s exciting that a part of him wanted to keep telling stories about it. But it seems like he wants to know how much is too much. It would help if you learned to let go at some time, especially in a universe like this. Gilligan kept going:

The thing I’m most afraid of is becoming too good at only one thing. Some universes are bigger and more flexible than others. Compared to some of these worlds and series of movies and TV shows, ours, Albuquerque, New Mexico, is very small. Yes, I could make this universe do more. And maybe I will one day, especially if I keep failing at everything. Then I’ll crawl back to you. But right now, I feel like it’s time to try something new, even if I still have room to grow, which I probably do.

Vince Gillian and his team have brought a lot of creativity to AMC dramas. No matter what “something new” he does next, he’s sure to have fans waiting for him. It also seems unlikely that he would fail at all his future projects. And have to crawl back to the New Mexico deserts (or wherever the next instalment would take us). But Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad have some of the best characters on TV. So it’s good to know that Gilligan could come up with new ideas if he ever decides to return to it.

Albuquerque isn’t the multiverse, but Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul as Walter White. And Jesse Pinkman made guest appearances in Season 6 of the prequel series. Cranston talked about coming back for Saul and spoke about how secret everything is about his and Paul’s roles. He also jokes about how his former co-star Bob Odenkirk had changed since he became the main character in his show.

We’ll have to wait and see what else Vince Gilligan has planned for the series finale, which will air on AMC at 9 p.m. ET on Monday, August 15. You can watch the first episode of five seasons of Better Call Saul on Netflix to see what the best episodes have been so far.

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