Which of Melissa Rauch’s pregnancies was shown on The Big Bang Theory with Bernadette’s?

Fans still love to hear about The Big Bang Theory, even though it hasn’t been on TV for three years. What went on behind the scenes. We got to see what geeks do in the popular CBS show. It was about the lives of Sheldon Cooper, Howard Wolowitz, Raj Koothrappali, Leonard Hofstadter, and their wives, who joined them later. People who liked the show enjoyed watching it. Fans can’t stop talking about one big plot twist, though. Bernadette was pregnant at the same time as who?

Bernadette gave birth twice in “The Big Bang Theory.”

She was brought up as someone who worked with Penny at The Cheesecake Factory (Kaley Cuoco). The first time she was on the show, she went out with Leonard, Penny, and Howard on a double date.

Howard and Bernadette started dating after discussing how controlling their mothers were on that double date.  Fans got to see how they worked out their relationship problems. We witnessed their engagement in season 4, their wedding in season 5, Bernadette’s struggles with infertility in season 6. children, and the news of their first pregnancy in season 9.

Howard and Bernadette are the only people together in the show with kids, but we never see them. Bernadette tells her husband for the first time that she is pregnant in the season 9 episode “The Positive Negative Reaction.” On February 14, she does this. Even Sheldon’s bed is where they had their first child is not a secret.

Bernadette was pregnant for the second time, and Melissa Rauch was pregnant for the first time.

Fans were surprised to find out that Bernadette’s second pregnancy was a natural one. Rauch, who plays Bernadette, wrote on Instagram that on December 4, 2017, she and her husband, Winston Rauch, had their first child.

Bernadette had just given birth to their first girl, so fans didn’t know what to say when they heard she was pregnant again. But the fact that Howard and Bernadette were having their second child was kept secret by Sheldon and Amy’s engagement. Life & Style Magazine says that it was easy for The Big Bang Theory to work Bernadette’s pregnancy into the plot. The show’s producers said in an interview with the new showrunner, Steve Holland, that they thought the couple’s new baby was a great turn in the story.

How did “The Big Bang Theory” producers say that Melissa Rauch was pregnant?

The creators of The Big Bang Theory stated that, at first. They believed Bernadette would sit a lot and place items on her lap. Hide her stomach, which is a standard sitcom trope. However, they decided to include her pregnancy in the couple’s story to make it different from when she was pregnant the first time.

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