White Hoodie on the Set of The Flight Attendant by Kaley Cuoco

The upcoming HBO series The Flight Attendant features Kaley Cuoco, who is putting in a lot of work. And she smiled a huge, radiant grin the entire time.

She topped her sleeveless white hoodie with the print “I Love NY” with a grey patterned overcoat. And wore faded black jeans cuffed above her ankles along with purple platform boots. The stunning native of California wore her blonde hair long, reaching to the middle of her back.

Cuoco made the decision to go for a stroll with her adorable dog, Dumpy, whom she pushed along in a baby stroller once she had finished chatting with members of the crew outside the restaurant.

Cassandra “Cassie” Bowden, the character that Kaley Cuoco plays in The Flight Attendant. A flight attendant who wakes up in her motel room in The Flight Attendant. A hangover after spending the previous night in Dubai. And discovers a dead body lying next to her in bed.

She pretends as if nothing has happened and catches up with the other flight attendants. Who are making their way to the airport because she is too afraid to call the police. After she had travelled all the way to New York.

She is confronted by FBI agents who interrogate her about her time spent in Dubai, prompting her to question whether or not she is a criminal.

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