Why the commercial for Saul is shown in colour in the Gene Timeline

Marion found out who Gene Timeline is thanks to an old Saul Goodman ad, which, strangely, played in colour in the Better Call Saul Gene timeline, which has always been in black and white. With only one episode left, Better Call Saul had to tie up loose ends and set up what would be Jimmy McGill’s last chapter and, in a way, the end of the Breaking Bad universe.

Gene’s plan with Jeff and Buddy has always been dangerous, especially since he had to get close to Marion for it to work. Jimmy had always been friendly to older people and fun to be around, but this time, Marion was just a way for him to get to Jeff. But Gene showing Marion how to use the internet seemed like a Chekhov’s gun for him to be found out, which is what happened in the end. Marion had already had doubts about Gene, but the fact that he knew so much about the laws of Omaha and Albuquerque sealed the deal for her.

In season 6, Episode 12 of Better Call Saul, when Gene Timeline walks up to Marion and checks her computer, an old Saul Goodman ad is reflected on Gene’s glasses. It is the only thing in colour during the scene. Many people thought Gene’s timeline would show a bitter Jimmy who regretted being Saul Goodman, but Jimmy’s actions showed that he hasn’t changed and misses being Saul Goodman. Jimmy may have used Saul as a way to deal with his problems, but Jimmy still looks up to that time in Saul’s life. So, in the Gene timeline, the Saul commercials play in colour because they show what Jimmy, tragically, thinks is the only good time in his life.

The colour ad for Saul is related to the pilot for Better Call Saul.

Saul’s commercial in “Waterworks” also references the first episode of Better Call Saul. Which showed Saul’s life as Gene after Breaking Bad. At the end of the cold open for episode 1 of Better Call Saul, Saul watches his old commercials on TV. They were in colour and showed up in Saul’s glasses. In a way, Saul’s commercial in the first episode of Better Call Saul gave viewers a look into Jimmy’s life. And that door is now closing as the show nears its end. In retrospect, Better Call Saul wasn’t just about how Jimmy becomes Saul Goodman. It was also about how he came to miss and idolise that version of himself.

The worlds of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul are full of callbacks. And moments that are similar to those in other worlds. In the same way, it did in “Uno,” Saul’s commercial playing in colour during “Waterworks” brought Better Call Saul full circle. It’s hard to guess what will happen with Gene in the last episode of Better Call Saul. And this may have been the final bright spot in Jimmy’s life.

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